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The National Trust’s remarkable portfolio of historic sites contains a trove of objects that can be interpreted in multiple ways to tell a compelling American story. From the Founding Fathers and the people they enslaved, industrial tycoons and the workers who shaped their empires, artists and the collectors who supported them, to regular citizens who lived, loved, and worked at our sites, our collections illuminate unique, complex stories that add to the patchwork of American history. We will be posting more and more of the collection online over time, but for now explore the National Trust’s objects and online exhibits here.

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Exhibited and stored at 21 historic sites across the country, the National Trust’s collection of more than 60,000 historic objects and works of art spans centuries, regions, continents, and styles. With a simple search, you can cross the threshold of a mid-century modern house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, examine the lives of those who lived in and worked on 19th century plantation estates, or view the artistic process on display at the studios of famous American artists. From basic kitchen tools to elaborate furnishings and design, these objects come together to reveal a dynamic history of American art and architecture while showcasing the ordinary details of daily life in a diverse nation.

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